Summer Reading Idea

I took que from a fellow friend and blogger, Little School on Avondale, to attack summer activities on a more creative level. She uploaded a photo of a book about gardening for a home school project and they created dirt cake with gummy worms. It got me thinking, why can’t every week we study a book and make super easy lessons from it that are not only fun, but educational? So that’s what we are doing this year. I encourage you to do the same. It’s fairly easy and you don’t have to go into any perfect details. Take a look at our example from our first week coming up with “The Best Mouse Cookie” plus I turned our June calendar into July if you wanted to get started.

You can use this worksheet twice! Count the cookies and also the chocolate chips, plus if you make cookies at this time you can count the chocolate chips on the actual cookie as well. Just drag and drop them onto your desktop and print them out!

My preschooler has been all about patterns, so I wanted to work them into our summer. I created this worksheet to help us out and I hope you find inspiration to create your own or even use it for your little ones.

And it’s never too early to make them start thinking for themselves. I love this worksheet below to keep the brain and mind flowing during the summer season.

Now that I gave you some examples, you can stop here or make more! That’s the best part of making this your own.

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