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Create Your Own Space Ranger Academy

We are gearing up for a trip to the Space Center in Houston, and the entire family is absolutely excited. Myself, personally, I have always found space interesting and beautiful. I partly fault my grandfather for making me watch the Alien movies at such a young age or it could have been all the area 51 documentaries.

So when I came across an Astronaut Training camp in our area, that talked about what they do in space, I had to sign the girls. It was a blast! In fact I came straight home and blogged all my ideas out as my mind was going a mile a minute. So below I give you an at home space academy training day! I hope your family enjoys it as much as my girls did testing these out for me. The best part was I realized Monday it was the same week as the Toy Story 4 premiere, so naturally we took Buzz Lightyear along for the ride.

Land The Rocket Ship On The Moon

This first one we created is a spin off of pin the tail on the donkey, expect you have a rocket ship and the moon! Will you be the first to land your rocket perfect in the center of the moon? Play to see and have fun! And you can even use your own idea: stick the alien on the planet, pin the rings on Saturn, give the alien his antenna. The list is so big!

Helmet Construction

This one was an absolute blast! The next time you are at the grocery store, ask for a couple paper bags. All that needs to be done, is trace a hole in the center for the head, cut it out, decorate and you’re ready to take on any extraterrestrial lifeforms you might encounter.

Decorate with anything you have in the house: glue, crayons, pipe cleaners, stickers, feathers, even make your own pom poms out of yarn.

Moon Rock Decorating

You can do this a couple different ways. First, you can go around your planet (the lake, playground, etc) and find moon rocks that you like, or you can purchase a bag from Amazon or even Hobby Lobby. Decorate them in a space theme and then go sprinkle them back out on your planet for another astronaut to discover them!

Saturn Ring Toss

These hula hoops were purchased from Amazon
Same with the beach balls, also an Amazon purchase

This is a fun activity and a fun fact about Saturn, the rings are huge, but thin which is why hula hoops are a great representation to use. And the beach balls, well Saturn is the only planet that could float in water! So here’s how you play:
Blow up the beach balls and on a non windy outside, set the balls in a line about 4 feet evenly spaced from each other. Have the kid stand in front of the balls with 3 hula hoops each. Everyone gets turns tossing the hoops (rings) onto Saturn.

Asteroid Toss

My girls played this one for a good 45 minutes with lots of giggles. You need two things for this game: a big laundry basket and some aluminum foil. Make about 10-15 asteroids by crumpling up aluminum foil into balls and setting them into a pile. Each child has their own pile and they take turns tossing the asteroids into the black hole (laundry basket). If you want to make if more challenging, set up different markers around the basket at different distances.

Mission Control Badges

Are you truly an actual astronaut without your star command mission control badge? No way! So below we gave you an out of this world id badge you can print, hole punch and thread some string onto to make your sweet kiddo feel official. You can even take their photo, cut around the head and glue into the space in the helmet.

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