Summer Reading Idea

I took que from a fellow friend and blogger, Little School on Avondale, to attack summer activities on a more creative level. She uploaded a photo of a book about gardening for a home school project and they created dirt cake with gummy worms. It got me thinking, why can’t every week we study a… Read More Summer Reading Idea


Build Your Own Forky

So can I be honest? Never in my wildest dreams did I think my child would ever want a toy so bad, let alone a flipping spork. I still laugh, because her birthday is coming up, when Gigi asked her what she wanted for her birthday. With excited she said, “Oh Gigi I want Forky!”… Read More Build Your Own Forky


Easy Fathers Day Idea

A quick update to post about an easy and last minute fathers day gift idea, a Lego shadow box! My husband, even two years later, still raves about his. Either print off the photos I have posted below or print your own. You can do a football team, Harry Potter or whatever your Dad enjoys.… Read More Easy Fathers Day Idea