Are We There Yet?

Each day I see numerous posts of inspiration to “go get it”, “it is yours for the taking”, or “if you want it badly enough, you can do it”.  I must agree that I am in the population who has a dream to obtain a goal and recognizes in order to fulfill my wish, I must click my ruby red slippers (3 times should be enough).

I have been meditating (thinking heavily) about balance, persistence and perseverance. What determines what benefits we obtain from this life? Luck? Great genetics? Wish in one hand and $#!? in the other? (sorry, something I remember my Mom saying).

I do not pretend to have answers, but don’t you wonder sometimes what moves mountains? Most learned that if you have faith like a mustard seed, we could move mountains. What is your mountain? Mt. Everest? Mt. Kilimanjaro? Mt. Wycheproof? (there really is such a place). My Sweetheart and I love to go hiking and explore peaks. One time, while hiking Pinnacle Peak in Arizona, we hit an area called Desert Ice which had a lot of gravel and one can take a tumble very easily. Most of us tumble on our drive to reach the peak. Reaching the peak or moving the mountain – which would you rather do? One removes the obstacle from your life, the other conquers.

I do think the verse refers to having the means to reach the peak or ‘move the mountain’, but so many want to sit back and enjoy life without the sweat of having to reach the peak. I can hear Dana Carvey reciting, “Not gonna happen, wouldn’t be prudent”. So you have to ask yourself, “what level of pain must I be able to endure to capture my dream?” If you want the benefits of life, you have to pay the cost. Want the beach body? Get off the couch and get moving. Want the boat? Put some of that disposable income into a savings account (talk about pain!). Want to be really good at playing an instrument without someone paying you to stop? Put in the hours of practice.

Let’s face it. Most of us romanticize about the result and not the journey. We see ourselves being the American Idol or winning the Mirror Ball Trophy or receiving that championship ring. Now, there is nothing wrong with ‘beginning with the end in mind”. In fact, that quote is one of my favorite from the book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. We all need a goal to start with, but don’t just fantasize about it – do the work to get there.

The working phase is where most get stuck in the rut. We overload ourselves with all these dreams that we lose sight of reality. Not all of our dreams can come true. Pick one, pick two, but discover your limitations. The only way to do that is to find the struggle – tumble on the gravel to get your footing, then get ready for that climb. At some point in your climb, you discover that you are committed and in for ‘whatever it takes’.  My ‘whatever it takes’ happened when my Sweetheart took another job where we lived for Fridays and cried on Sundays. Ten years of making a commitment to see it through and then realizing our limitations that life was too short-he quit his job. Back to the climb.

Never one to be a kill-joy or the glass is half empty type of a person, I believe, the struggle is the essence of life and helps us to zero in on what matters most to us. It brings us to self-discovery of who we are and chisels away at our character to bring out our best. Believe me, these lessons take time and some must be learned over and over again until we can move forward. (ever play board games where you land in jail or have to roll just the right about of dice? Now you get it).

Remember how great the anticipation of hopping into the car to start the next great vacation adventure and someone asks, “are we there yet?” The answer to “are we there yet” will always be NO.  It has to be, because the struggle is real and purposeful and if it ends, then so do our dreams.


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