Our 2019 Family Values

Something amazing that comes with motherhood (or parenthood for that matter) is seeing your children grow up and start to put everything you have taught them to use and while I still want my kids to grow up and be independent, we as parents must ingrain in them the basics. For example, I strive to instill in my girls that while there are times to be stern and cautious, kindness will always outshine the wicked. The other day in our new neighborhood our sweet little next door neighbor knocked on our door to ask my daughter to come play and she was so excited. In watching them interact as they rode their bikes, her new friend fell off her bike and my sweet girl ran up to her asking if she was ok. To some this is such a small simple act, but as a parent I was beaming with pride that my daughter made the choice in acting to be kind.

This year I was to create our family values, as my oldest has hit the age in which these teachings need to be instilled her and as adults we need to be reminded also. So below are the unique ways we want to develop as a family in our current season and raise our girls in the world. If you love what you see, I so hope you print it off and put it on your fridge, or maybe I’ve inspired you like Jeannie Cunnion did me and you can create your own for your own little family.


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