The Blessing Tree

Here soon ABC Family (or I guess now its Freeform) will roll out the 25 Days of Christmas and have the best movies on to cuddle up with some kiddos while sipping hot chocolate. Or maybe now that my Mom brain has thought about those two things together, that is a bad combination. Today I’m here to help you expand the holiday celebration in your home from that of material things and instead of those objects that have no monetary value: they are called blessings.

Example of my personal blessings:

My family is my biggest one in the fact that you absolutely find a new kind of love when you find your soul mate and from this when you make a little human together, seriously love is boundless when you have a family

My C-Section saved my oldest child’s life and for this I am grateful. It is never a mother’s intent to, what do some say, go the easy route and be cut open, but I’d do it 50 times over again if it means my child gets to have life

For others bloggers who have given guidance and didn’t turn the other way just because I’m some no name gal trying to shape the motherhood game into one of positivity.

MOPS has been one of the most refreshing things as a mother that I have stumbled upon, and literally I wasn’t searching for it. God shoved this in my face and it has rid me of my motherhood anxiety while finding friends who have oh so made full of grace

For our parents who have shaped us, raised us to be independent yet instilled in us that when we need help there is always home

For my husbands job, that he has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the health field and has been recognized with honors as he continues to move the pharmacy profession in an even better direction

For the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and being the one to teach them morals, to wake them every day, to see every single milestone and in understanding that being a SAHM is not a degrading part of my life, IT IS A JOY!

So my goal for you:

I am making this easy for you Mommas! For the next 25 days, its all about our gratefulness for the things we have. Below you will see a calendar with verses on it that all talk about the birth of Jesus and his story. For The Blessing Tree, simply read the verse of the day. Once you have done this, print out the ornament I have provided for you. You may to do this activity for yourself or for your entire family. Cut out the ornament, decorate it and write on there either how you have been blessed the day before or how you blessed someone. These ornaments can be placed on your actual Christmas tree or you may get creative and create your own felt tree, tape it to the wall, and place these ornaments on there. I’d love to see pictures if you all do this so make sure to tag me in them!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,






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