5 Days Of Christmas Family Evenings

So I love the night before Christmas box, in fact we do that in our home. My girls go crazy over the pjs, holiday movie, snacks and we place Santa’s key out front, but it occurred to me that I’m spending money either making this adorable box or purchasing one, why use it one night. So I give you 5 in expensive ways to use that box that your kids will love!

Night 1: Game Night (family games, holiday music cd, ornaments)

In this first evening box you can load it up with some fun family games. My children are young, so thanks to Nonna we have some brand new games to practice matching and numbers with. However, older children I might suggest Uno, Candy Land, Operation, and many more to enjoy your family night. I have also added a Christmas cd to play in the background as we laugh the night away. Something that I do that I haven’t seen in anyone else’s box is I gift each of my children an ornament to put on the tree. While they are able to pick out their own, these are ones I want to give them and I actually came across a surprise while doing this, and that was Christmas Barbie. I always purchased either a holiday barbie or cabbage patch doll, but these ornaments are way better for storage. Obviously, if you’ve been keeping up with us we have our Disney trip coming up, so this ornament was also perfect. So before you play your games for the evening, have the special moment of putting their ornament up on the tree. 


Night 2: Baking Night (gingerbread men and sugar cookie decorating)

First off, you don’t come to The Mamacist for baking advice. Yes I can whip up some amazing dishes, but I’m pretty sure my Italian grandmother will be waiting for me heaven with loads of questions and one of them being how come I can’t cook like my mother. So I gift you with an amazing sugar cookie recipe below so that you can have a wonderful evening baking with your kids. Use this night to bake cookies for Santa if you celebrate him in your home, if not a welcome plate for the grandparents when they arrive. I suggest lots of fun sprinkles and decorations! Also, tonight prep for day 3, and that is to make gingerbread man for a garland project. I’ve also given you the SUPER easy recipe for this below (which isn’t the one I will be posting in my Instagram stories later this week). Make sure while wet you poke holes in your gingerbread men wherever you want the string to go through.

Sugar Cookie:

Gingerbread Men:

Night 3: Craft Night (Elf slime, popcorn garland, gingerbread garland, and coloring page thank you notes)

I use this night to my advantage. Have your kids color numerous coloring pages and then set those aside for thank you cards for presents they receive. I can’t tell you how many times grandparents have called to say thank you for a coloring book page from their grandchildren. Once they have completed those, bring out your gingerbread men and string your ribbon through them to create a garland. Pop your popcorn and do the same. Maybe you want to hang both on the tree, or your railing or maybe put the popcorn garland outside for the squirrels. Finish the night off playing with slime. You can either make some or grab a pack like I did from the dollar section at Target. Love the dollar spot! 

Night 4: Build A Gingerbread House

I was in shock (and a little kid in the candy store) when we went to pick out a gingerbread house at the store. I figured I’d grab a simple one, but this year I feel like there are so many to choice from and numerous themes. They had The Grinch’s mountain cave. Mickeys Clubhouse. A Wreck It Ralph theme. Of course we settled on this amazing Paw Patrol one. It’s taking everything out of me not to put it together right NOW!


Night 5: Night Before Christmas (pjs, movies, snacks, cups, Santa’s key)

Alas, we come to the final stretch. The night your children have hope and excitement in those little eyes because when they wake up, Santa not only stopped by, but the celebration of Jesus and his birth will begin! What I love about this box is I hardly spent money on this night. Our pj’s are from the year before because they still fit. I grabbed our holiday movies from storage including The Star which is on Netflix now. Snacks are things we had. I did grab the girls new cups based on what they love and we love Paw Patrol in our home. 


I truly feel the best gift you can give a child, your child, is time, attention and love. I so hope this inspires you to understand that being with your family and enjoying moments makes the holiday season magical. So get out there and make some Christmas evening boxes and leave me a comment if you have an idea that I didn’t think of.




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