Black Friday Fiasco

Yesterday absolutely reminded me why I am terrible at black Friday and can I please rename this so called holiday to be Black Heart Friday, because that’s how the majority of people acted that I came in contact with. I am such a people person but whoever had the great idea to bring everyone together who is greedy and throw them into one grocery/department store is messed up. Like what were you thinking?! Praise whoever thought of Cyber Money. Just me, a cup of coffee and my computer.

So my day started out fantastic. Slept in, had the girls jump on us and figured I would let the crowds dwindle before I made my way to Target. I knew I should have went straight home when I was almost ran over in the parking lot though. And Texas I love you but you can’t park. Let me tell you the two reasons I wanted to go, first off someone, I don’t even know who, uploaded a picture of Smashmallow and how they released a candy cane flavor. Hello food craving. Had to have it! So yes thank you Instagram and your point proven that ads do work on your site, because of you I ran into, we will call her Tiffany the Trash Lady.

Second, this adorable shirt that I bought from Dash of Glitter boutique for my youngest, that I had to put on her to document our black Friday outing. I pulled my cart out of the way, literally not even in the aisle, to the side and started to take a picture of her in her shirt. It wasn’t until my husband said, “Geezzz” very softly that I noticed the lady barreling over my oldest daughter to grab a wipe for the cart, that we weren’t blocking. Granted she could have said excuse me, but I genuinely said, “Oh let me get out of the way, I thought we were.” Tiffany proceeds to tell me, if front of her young daughter mind you, that I was blocking the d*mn trash can as she starts to walk off. I looked at my husband who knew it was about to go down.

I told her, calmly I might add, my husband as my witness, that it was the day after Thanksgiving, a day of feeling blessed and it is just a trash can. I have to admit I don’t even know what she said as she was approaching me, but I told her I love Jesus and marshmallows that’s why I’m here and I walked away. I completely let this lady get to me and I started bawling in the card section. And you’re thinking to yourself, girl get it together. I know but it just totally tanked my feel good for the morning.

People why the day after Thanksgiving is 90% of the world acting this way. That only they matter. Running over little kids, and adults to purchase material objects? I read someone died again this year because of a fight at a mall?! The entire purpose of this day, the motto of these stores, is for us to act on impulse, and from what I witnessed yesterday, I would rather sit at a table with my relatives and discuss politics. Seriously, than be in a store filled with entitled people, plus my emotional stability will thank me later.

After my trash can fiasco, we left. Not worth it. As we were buckling in the kids my oldest looked at me and said, “Mommy I also love marshmallows but when I eat them with you.” I stopped and looked up at her and I’m pretty sure I shed some tears because I’m a woman and hey I wasn’t over Tiffany yet, but looking at her it all made since, she was my light. John 1:5 says “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” It had been awhile since I had a mommy/daughter date just us. Sadly almost a year and suddenly I was thankful that Tiffany came into the picture because if she hadn’t we would have been right with the crowd; the madness for who knows how long.

Oh I had such a fun afternoon with her. We went to McDonalds, because of course they have the new Wreck It Ralph toys. We took them home and laughed again about how I didn’t cook the pigeon properly (read my blog post from our Thanksgiving if you want caught up on that one). She put her character toy together and then off we went to actually see Ralph Breaks The Internet. I didn’t blink an eye to spend $6 on a Ralph plastic cup because her eyes filled with joy which made my heart fill back up being around her infectious laugh. While the movie was absolutely adorable, I found myself side tracked listening to her not understanding why Venelope was hurt, hearing her laugh when Ralph encountered the Disney princess gang and when she wrapped her arms around me and stayed like that the rest of the movie. Every minute spent in her company becomes the new best moment of my life. So I guess in a way I did conquer black Friday, with my ‘bf’, my best friend.

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