Our Thanksgiving 2018

I so hope you all had a blessed and fantastic Thanksgiving. We sure did! Give me grace with my typing as I wanted to make sure I saved these memories. I’ve enjoyed blogging with you all and building so many relationships, but I thought I’d take it a step further and invite you to get a look into our family a bit more. By the way, don’t let this picture fool you. The girls had these off about 30 minutes after this was snapped, but they sure are cute and are so good to me about letting me take their photo.

Holiday Highlights:

“Hey Mom these beans are green, did you color them with a crayon?”

My preschooler crying over the sight of pie “I just love pie!”

“I didn’t think the Grinch liked people but he’s at the parade with all those people?”

“You’re putting that butter where? Does he know your going to do that?”

“When are the pilgrims coming and can I share my turkey feather hat?”

“Do Daddy’s not cook on this holiday?”

“So do I tell Nonna you didn’t cook the pigeon right the first time?”

“Mommy you’re the best macaroni and cheese maker in the world and I love you!”

Beginning of the week:

We started off our week with our oldest daughter super excited about her Friendsgiving at school. Seriously the cutest things come in small packages and this was adorable. Everyone was asked to bring something if they were able to, so we brought a vegetable and a treat because I couldn’t be the mom who just brought the veggies 😉

I love this little girl so much and her heart how she loves her family. She stated ‘that she was looking for us because all the mommies and daddies were coming in and she got excited when she saw us’. She introduced us to all her friends and her little sister gladly sat down at her plate to eat her food. Give her food and shes a happy camper. Big sister kindly let her indulge.

Thanksgiving Day:

I vowed to myself to keep it low key this year as like is so chaotic with moving and the holidays so we did just that! It was so stress free and perfect. The girls and I woke up and in the years passed I had put on the parade as I watched it every year growing up, but didn’t interest my oldest daughter. I rejoiced because this year she was all about it and even my youngest was gleefully screaming and dancing. After that was over we delivered our thank you cards that our local MOPS chapter made for our police officers and fire department. They were so thankful!

Our meal was very simple, instead of a turkey we had Cornish Hens, which my daughter thought were pigeons, hilarious. She was also VERY interested where I was putting the stuffing and butter in our birds and inquiring if the bird knew where in fact I was putting these ingredients. I asked her if she had any interest to be an Animal Activist when she was older and she said no because she doesn’t like bugs. Our sides were cream corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese (my daughters request), rolls and lemon coconut pie. My oldest literally started crying at the sight of pie as I mentioned above and as a parent it was so hard not to laugh, because I also cry inside with delight when I see pie. My toddler enjoyed going around to everyone’s plate, stealing my pie and sampling food while my husband was just giddy I made his favorite cream corn. Now we wait for Saturday as we always watch The Ohio State Buckeyes play the team up north in the best rivalry game in college football.

Today made me see that while the meal was used for peace and understanding in the past, it really is all about family and being blessed. So if you were stressed out this year because family was at your house, next year don’t have it, give it to someone else. If you thought you made way too much food, next year, wing it like we did and don’t go overboard. If you were unhappy with the way a certain recipe turned out, don’t make it again. If you were saddened by the fact that you were surrounded by way too many people and didn’t have time with your family it is OK to have Thanksgiving as a family, to soak up those memories and then go elsewhere.

By the way just in case you didn’t see it on my Instagram today, here’s what you get when you ask a preschooler to describe the birth of Jesus. You should ask yours and leave the response in the comments 😉

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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