Motherhood Humor

The Office & Motherhood Part 1

I am probably the last person on earth that hasn’t watched the entire series of The Office. I tried to watch it years ago, but maybe I just didn’t appreciate it back then. Now that we have kids, my husband and I just laugh and connect with the show on an entirely different level. Below are some example that just had us belly laughing in this part 1 of 2 post. Shelby this ones for you!

Oh Kelly, I feel you. I told my husband I would never drive a mini van. Nope. Well, I lost that battle, however I love Lady Glitter Sparkles (yes we named our van) and seriously couldn’t live life without her. From her doors that automatically open, the self folding seats, and the never ending space she completes us. Heck, we are just a few nuts shy away from crazy as is so let’s fill her up with some more kids, right babe?

Micheal Scott needs to be a child psychologist. He has it all figured out. Raising kids is so easy. If I gave my kids pizza and candy on a daily basis I would be in a metal ward, which a quiet room to myself doesn’t sound bad on certain days.

This is so true especially when my daughter keeps asking why, why does the elephant drink like that, why is it’s nose like that, why doesn’t it have a nose like mine. Parenthood is all about finding sentences along the way, best advice ever from Micheal Scott.

Before I became pregnant, I often though motherhood came with some kind of manual. We all raise the kids the same. NOPE. They come without instructions, in fact they come into the world demanding you, literally. Most of this life we are in is learn as you go. We draw experiences from our teachers, our parents, our friends and our spouses. I often tell people I have learned more in life from experiences than actual education, plus the fact that we are learning from experiences our entire lives…I love that!

The other night my daughter had: bowl of roar cereal (frosted flakes), peanut butter & jelly sandwich, bowl of veggie chips, protein shake and half an Oreo. 30 minutes later she came to me saying she is starving. People wonder why my grocery bill is so high, well it’s because I live with real life miniature cookie monsters. So this quote from Michael in the wilderness hit close to home and had me cracking up.

I feel this way Stanley, especially when I just want to go #2. Instead of a lighthouse maybe I could invent a bathroom this way. I might feel this way about peanut butter m&m’s also. Just sitting in my light house. Eating my chocolate.

Some mornings I wake up and it’s like I am being controlled, or maybe on auto pilot. When I finally wake up and look around noticing my kids are fed, the pumpkins are watered, I even made a cup of coffee I wonder who am I and how did this happen?

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