Thankful, Grateful & Blessed

In today’s world where we have so many entitled kids, I think it pays to be a good model to your children and teaching them gratitude is very important. Children learn so much by just observing then they do when we tell them to do something. For us, it goes above and beyond just saying please and thank you, in fact we have a white board in our kitchen where we are constantly praising each other and our children’s grandparents. Below are ways you can help with thankfulness and being grateful in your home.

For 25 Days Of Blessing Others, I posted this today because starting November 7 will glide you into December 1 to kick off the Christmas Season. Each time you bless someone you can either write it down on the square or check it off however you prefer with a sticker or stamp. Blessings can range from donating toys, to leaving a cheerful note in your neighbors mailbox or even paying for someones coffee with your child present. If you want more ideas, you can see my last post about ways to give this holiday season.

Something new we are doing this year is weekly blessings and wanted to share how easy this is. Before you leave for work, while eating dinner or before bed I highly recommend talking with your kids about what you all are thankful and blessed for. You talking about it and using this vocabulary with them will help them see how this will have a positive effect on others. To make it fun, you can even cut these outs and guess who wrote what.

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