My Moms Famous Ice Cream Cake

So as a child, and I’m totally calling myself out here, I used to lick the center out of the Oreo cookies and put them back in the container. My mother, who was such a good sport about it, never getting angry, found a way to put those cookies to delicious good use. I’m a firm believer my mother was the creator of the ice cream cake. She made them starting in the late 80’s WAY before Dairy Queen even produced them. She was known around town as the ice cream cake lady and had orders all the time for them and by this time no I wasn’t licking Oreo cookies anymore. Birthdays were yummy is all I’m going to say. So moms I’m sure you’re wondering what to do with all of that left over candy from Halloween? Well, my mama has kindly handed over her recipe and the fun thing about this, is you can make one for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Just use a pumpkin ice cream and top with caramel OR a peppermint ice cream and add some junior mints on top for (I might even suggest that Blue Bell Christmas Cookie ice cream). Maybe even make Santa a mini one.

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