The Blessing Tree

Here soon ABC Family (or I guess now its Freeform) will roll out the 25 Days of Christmas and have the best movies on to cuddle up with some kiddos while sipping hot chocolate. Or maybe now that my Mom brain has thought about those two things together, that is a bad combination. Today I’m… Read More The Blessing Tree


Black Friday Fiasco

Yesterday absolutely reminded me why I am terrible at black Friday and can I please rename this so called holiday to be Black Heart Friday, because that’s how the majority of people acted that I came in contact with. I am such a people person but whoever had the great idea to bring everyone together… Read More Black Friday Fiasco


Candy or Medicine?

Below is a fun and eye opening game you can play with your kids to teach them about medication safety. Print out the worksheet below and see how well you both do. Pictures of the medicines are attached below and after don’t forget to go over this cautionary info-graphic with your children also. I will… Read More Candy or Medicine?