Candy Corn Cutie

I always do my best to send the Grandparents a picture of the girls in their costumes, but I am terrible about making sure I have a keepsake. This year I created something fun for myself and thought I would share. I named it Candy Corn Cutie so we can always remember how adorable and cute our little loves looked on Halloween.

  1. You can print this out from the attachment below and cut around the candy corn, this should be a full page size activity
  2. On the white section of the candy corn, write down your child’s name and age
  3. On the orange section, write about their costume and maybe even a quote about what they think of it
  4. On the yellow section, write down anything you want to remember: where you went trick or treating, a pumpkin they decorated at a party or what piece of candy they loved the most
  5. On the back, glue a picture of them in their costume
  6. You can be done or laminate it, but either way you have a fun and clever keepsake craft


If you enjoyed, be sure to share!