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Whip It Good!

Told you I would share! Didn’t that whipped cream look so yummy in my Instagram post today?! I love whipped cream and just in the last couple of years I’ve learned how easy it is to make. I love it so much better than store bought plus it is extremely fluffy! You can use this for any holiday and my example recipe below is for a Christmas time flavor, but switch out peppermint flavor for strawberry, change the color to pink and use during Valentines Day.


As you can see above, we used the recipe in a home made kid friendly version of a unicorn milkshake (I’ll share later) and a topping for my chocolate chip pumpkin muffins a couple weeks ago. **Just a side note, if you do NOT have a cover for you mixer, do NOT turn the speed up on the mixer. Each time you add the sugar, turn it OFF. Turn the speed up when you start to see it form peaks. I really do not want you to have heavy cream everywhere and take it from me, it is not a fun experience. Also, you can use Splenda and Powered Sugar instead of sugar** I hope you all enjoy!

And I almost forgot! I am so lucky I’ve had this tucked away, because I didn’t realize I’ve enjoy this cup of goodness since 2016, and she wrote the post in 2014. Too good not to share, I give you the NORMAL sized ingredients for the Spiced Caramel Coffee. I have replaced the Starbucks Holiday Blend with a Texas Pecan Roast (soooo good and not too strong on the flavor). And I love to hear if you enjoy this as much as I do if you try it. Blessings to you all!

Spiced Caramel Coffee Recipe: Coffee meets Dessert!

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