7 Ways I’m An Imperfect Christian And It’s Ok

To some, social media is toxic. It is a place where the unrealistic dreams can be realistic. Launching my Instagram page has been freeing, but my mission was to find realistic women – moms, that keep it real. To connect with those of us who parent and those who will… allows for transparency and purpose (and a chuckle) due to the fact that people will see my profile.

Some will connect with, “Oh she loves coffee, me too!” That is pretty much common ground(s) [insert chuckle].

Reads next comment: “She loves Jesus” oh, oh, better pass.”

People see the word JESUS and they run. Let me tell you, I used to do the same thing,

I would run from Christian friends because I was scared partly due to the shredding of myself apart on the inside. I vividly remember one of my most embarrassing moments. I was in my early teens and in church with my parents. My mom lifted her hands in praise and I grabbed her wrists, yanking them down. I said, “You are embarrassing me.” Granted, I was a teen and at that stage of my life, anything a parent does will embarrass a child.  

Now years later, I am the one who is wincing because I did that to her. I write this because yes I love coffee, motherhood and Jesus…..I’m writing this post today because y’all we are more alike and connected than you think.

  1. I sin every day. It might be small things, but I still do it which means I’m not perfect and that is my favorite quality about myself. Who knew you could live life and be happy with being imperfect.
  2. I do not want my daughters to be me in college. Still trying to find myself, I had low self-esteem. Feeling lost and nearly the upper end of college… due to a genuine friend who came into my life at the right time, (I owe him so much) I flipped my life around to graduate, but I KNOW I could have done more with my academics.
  3. Full disclosure: the word sh*t is in my vocabulary. As an Italian, that word is hard for me to break. I have learned to not say it in front of my kids, but if the Buckeyes are playing horribly against TCU, well I make sure to attend church and stay for worship that Sunday.
  4. I didn’t find Jesus until the age of 28. Sure I grew up with amazing parents who took me to church, but actually understanding and practicing His word didn’t start to click with me until years down the road. Remember that friend? I’m a firm believer people come into your life for certain reasons. This was his.
  5. I don’t pray every day and sometimes I forget all together. In being honest there are times when things are bad Jesus is the first one I point that finger at.
  6. I consider myself an accepting Christian. Can you be, I’m not sure, but it’s how we are raising our family. To love everyone no matter: race, sex, 2 moms, 2 dads, how rich you are. The bible does say to love one another.
  7. I would flunk a test if someone asked me to name the chapters of the bible in order. Nope couldn’t tell you. My favorite verse which is ‘walk by faith, not by sight’, I would have to look up in the table of contents where to find it. In fact for years I was nervous to attend a bible study because I didn’t feel I was worthy enough to be in a room with those that walk seemly with Jesus all the time, come to find out I just hadn’t found the right church.

So why do I have Jesus in my blog title if I feel I am not the poster child for a ‘Christian mom’ billboard. Well because my children are the ones who finally helped me cross that line to accept Jesus into my heart. It’s because of faith I am filled with grace. I am calmer at home. Things don’t bother me as much. My to-do lists have become longer, but so have my play times with my children. Since finding faith it’s as if I can see a world that was invisible to me before. I have let go of controlling where I want to be, and being still, letting the chips fall into place. While I am still writing my book on this spiritual chapter on my life, oh its been freeing so far.

And while I am not the best Christian role model I ask you, doesn’t this sound amazing? Don’t you want to experience this even a little? Where everyday you wake up renewed and its a NEW day! Jesus says to find ourselves we must lose ourselves, and with that I say, “If more of you means less of me, take all of me.”

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