Candy Corn Cutie

I always do my best to send the Grandparents a picture of the girls in their costumes, but I am terrible about making sure I have a keepsake. This year I created something fun for myself and thought I would share. I named it Candy Corn Cutie so we can always remember how adorable and… Read More Candy Corn Cutie

Party Themes

Whip It Good!

Told you I would share! Didn’t that whipped cream look so yummy in my Instagram post today?! I love whipped cream and just in the last couple of years I’ve learned how easy it is to make. I love it so much better than store bought plus it is extremely fluffy! You can use this… Read More Whip It Good!


The Cracked Pot

My daughter wanted to grow a garden, so we let her. We let her pick what she wanted to plant, the soil and the planters. It was a great lesson in teaching her that these flowers if you do not tend to them, they will wilt and they wont survive. They need your care for… Read More The Cracked Pot



She said, He said, they said, who said what? Whom do you believe? My first ‘real job’ was at an engineering corporation where men hung naked calendars on the walls and I listened to the ‘dirty jokes’ until one day, I said nope, this is it. I asked them repeatedly to be professional, but I… Read More Labels