Moms In Wonderland

Loving my own little Alice as the header picture for this post. As we were traveling back to Texas from our vacation to visit the grandparents in Kansas City, 14 hours in a car with Alice in Wonderland and Coco on repeat might be a parents nightmare, but for a blogger it is a dream because the mind starts to think. I normally zone in on the main character of these fantasies, but this time 1 by 1, I caught myself connecting on a “mom” level with the characters from Alice in Wonderland.

The Cat Dinah: Waving goodbye to Alice as she falls down the hole was me waving goodbye to my privacy in the bathroom when I became a mom. “Goodbye Dinah, Goodbyeeeeee.”

The White Rabbit: This dude is the first creature that Alice comes in contact with and from the start he is wired like he is on his 3rd cup of Snake Bite coffee, extremely focused, he mistakes Alice for a servant named Mary Ann (anyone ever call your child by their siblings name, yah that’s what I thought) and seems to ALWAYS be running late.

Mad Hatter:  Running on lack of sleep I turn into this eccentric, whimsical, scatterbrained, nutty character and mix me with my person the March Hare (aka Colleen) we also enjoy partaking in mommy “tea parties”. Things might not make sense to you, but they do to me and well as a Mom that’s all that matters. Besides I have celebrated so many un-birthdays since becoming a Mom its habit now.

Red Queen: So I read the description of this chick, and while she is psycho, I just connect with her which makes me laugh and in thinking, she is more of how my non verbals come across. “I warn you, child. If I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?!” I just feel my eyes conveying this to my daughter who is not listening to me in public or “All ways are MY ways!” when trying to clean my house. Thank you for helping me, but that’s not where the spatula goes dear. Just like in the movie, the only person who can connect with her and keep her sane is her husband (the king) and I had to laugh because my husband also gets me on this level.

Tweedle Dee and Dum: One sentence here, like I just want someone to listen to me and not run off like Alice (or my kids) do. These poor guys just want to talk to someone. Maybe that’s why some mothers talk to themselves? Is anyone listening?

Caterpillar: “Who are you?” is his famous line due to his short memory span and I often times ask myself this in the mirror after many nights of not sleeping or skipped hair appointments. Just like him, when I’m in my prime mom mode I find myself over-enunciating certain words such as ‘exactly’ and ‘correct’ and ‘great job’. The Caterpillar is one of the few in the movie that is calm and collected, also willing to give Alice useful advice while correcting her grammar. However, he also has a short fuse, which was easily set off when she questioned him, or when a toddler keeps telling you no.

The Flowers of Wonderland: This part in the movie made me think of all those judgmental moms I have ever come in contact with as they sing “In The Golden Afternoon”. When they try to figure out what kind of a flower (mom) Alice is and she tells them she isn’t a certain type, she is herself, she is Alice. The flowers quickly change their attitude from gracious to snooty, with stingy comments and they chase her out of the garden, or the circle, making Alice once again feel alone and an outcast. Now, I did connect with Alice here, because as a new mom I never new mama bullying existed! It wasn’t until I found my MOPS group I really fell into a groove, and loved who I was as a mother, and vowed to never make another mommy feel ridiculous about herself.

Cheshire Cat:“Most everyone’s mad here. Aha… HAHAHAHAHA!! You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.” Me telling other Moms about motherhood. Hop in its a crazy ride. Also, his plastered on smile is how I deal with life at times. You can do it tired mama! Like all members of Wonderful he is mad/crazy, but I can’t imagine any other dream world without the ones who make me ‘mad’. And just remember: not all who wonder are lost.


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