The Tribe


Remember my post on Instagram when I said life would be more simpler if you had a tribe that loved you for who you are? Well, here is one final blog post concluding my mom tribe series. In my life I really have been blessed with some beautiful friendships. I have found in my journey… Read More Lara


Wind & Paper

This article I have shared below originally came from Firehouse Magazine, interviewed by Harvey Eisner & published in June 1, 2002. You can find that link here: Many touching, heart wrenching stories in this article, I read them all, but the piece that sticks out the most is about John McGinty: my cousin. I… Read More Wind & Paper


Moms In Wonderland

Loving my own little Alice as the header picture for this post. As we were traveling back to Texas from our vacation to visit the grandparents in Kansas City, 14 hours in a car with Alice in Wonderland and Coco on repeat might be a parents nightmare, but for a blogger it is a dream… Read More Moms In Wonderland