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I’ve been blessed with some extremely amazing neighbors. Both of which have had a huge part in helping raise my daughters. Plus can add they both have been kick butt cooking skills and spoil me with brownies and pita pizza. Yum! I introduce to you Tracie. First off, her daughter Londyn is so stinking cute. If you are facing Post Partum Depression please not only read my blog post, but head over to our Facebook page and see her article she wrote for a local magazine. Strong, loyal, heart of gold, would travel 3 hours to cheer your husband on at an awards ceremony only starts to describe this darling human being.
What is your favorite part of being a Mom?
My favorite part of being a mom is watching Londyn grow and seeing how each stage brings about different wonders. I love seeing the excitement in her eyes when she is doing something she loves or learning something new. She’s at such a neat stage right now. I know they call them the terrible twos but I have to admit at times I feel like they’re the terrific twos. She is such a little sponge right now.

Did you have any difficult challenges you faced on your pregnancy journey?

I had a high risk pregnancy due to my age and epilepsy. I was a little nervous at first but I shook of my fears and decided I was going to embrace it. I loved being pregnant. I loved to see my body change and to feel her move within me. Towards the end things got a little uncomfortable but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I loved pregnancy so much I offered to be a surrogate for a friend.

If so, do you have any words of encouragement for mothers facing what you did?

I do have words of encouragement for those who are high risk…don’t let that rule your pregnancy. You may be high risk but it doesn’t have to be crippling. Find a doctor you are madly in love with and make sure they communicate with any specialists (for me it was my neurologist). A high risk pregnancy doesn’t mean an uncomfortable one.

How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant?

I had lost a baby on Mother’s day two months prior. I was struggling with the idea of being pregnant but excited at the same time. I took the test as soon as I woke up and of course called my BFF bright and early to let her know ? We were very very fortunate in that we got pregnant immediately. It actually made me feel a little guilty because I know so many women struggle with infertility.

What is the best piece of advice you have for a new Mom about to give birth to their first child?

ASK FOR HELP! You will need help. Whether you need help with the laundry from your significant other or you need a post partum intervention with a therapist ASK FOR HELP. When you admit that you need help you are benefiting your entire family. I know that a lot of people don’t want to be seen as a burden and I think that mom’s overall feel this pressure to appear like “I got this.” You don’t and inside no one believes that you do. We all need help and by asking for help you are benefiting everyone. You get more time with your little one, a chance for you time and surprisingly asking for help often makes those that you ask feel useful and a part of your journey. ASK FOR HELP.

What is the biggest surprise about motherhood in your eye?

The post partum depression that I suffered was definitely the biggest surprise. It also surprised me how long it lasted. I understood the baby blues and hormonal fluctuation but I did not understand PPD. Honestly, I didn’t understand it as I went through it. Mine was so severe that I was suicidal. It was a horrible time in my life. It lasted about 18 months which also surprised me. Now I am extremely passionate about helping others get through the first few months of mommy-hood and especially helping those with PPD.

How do you handle discipline in your house?

I have no idea. It depends what day you ask. I am inconsistent and I attribute it to the fact that I honestly have no idea what I am doing. Motherhood has been a test of trial and error. I haven’t found one thing that works each and every time. My daughter is 2 so we usually start with the counting to 3. More and more we are getting to 4 and she is staring at me from across the room. I try to go over to her and say “hey it looks like you’re having a hard time listening. Let me help you…” Thats on a good day. Sometimes I just physically go to her and perform the goal I want to achieve (getting her to stop something or physically bringing her to me.) Discipline is not my strong suit but fortunately being well behaved is hers.

What do you think of screen time?

I am torn. We allow it in moderation in our house. Sadly, we do use it as a “babysitter” sometimes. There is one show (Daniel Tiger) that she is only allowed to watch when we are out to dinner. It is like a treat for her. Sometimes you just need a peaceful dinner and that has worked pretty well for us. There are some days that we do allow her to plop in front of the TV and watch her favorite shows but more often than not we encourage creative play.

Who is a Mom you most adimire?

It is cliche say my mom but it is true. My mom raised me as a single mother on a teacher’s salary in the most expensive state in the country. She always made sure that I was priority and that I had everything I needed.

The mother that I most enjoy is Kristina Kuzmic. I love her instagram stories and think that she is just so real and refreshing

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