I love to take pictures, but don’t get the wrong idea of me, because I am not a professional photographer. Half the time they are blurry and out of focus, or ones looking and the other is not. While I know the basics and CAN by a miracle capture some great memories, I leave the portraits to girls like Haylee Crabb, who is an absolute magician when it comes to the camera (the blog post picture is her work). I used to make sure everything was perfect. Everyone matched. No marks on shoes. Hair was perfectly in place. I would get frustrated if my daughter didn’t smile. It wasn’t until Haylee called me one day saying, “I found your cotton field and I know this is crazy, but can you take pictures today?” Not like me at all I told her absolutely, because one of my dream bucket list things to do was have a family photo in a Texas cotton field. I hung up the phone, put my hands on my hips and gave the look of how am I going to make this work.

In that moment I thought of the quote,”The human condition is not perfect. We are not perfect specimens, any of us. We’re not robots.” Hey Moms? Who are we really trying to impress with these perfect pictures? Is our life really everyone dressed to the 9’s, sitting in chairs and smiles plastered on our faces? Mine is far from this! While my girls had matching outfits that I did plan out, I threw something together for my husband, which happened to be an outfit he had previously worn for other pictures (no one knew) and for myself jeans, an old blue lace shirt with my riding boots. We loaded up the car and headed to our destination which was a cotton field in the middle of a gorgeous farm and at this session I did something that I’ve never done: I gave up control. My oldest was twirling with a stick, I was dancing with my husband in the field, my sweet baby was without shoes by the end and exploring, we all were a mess covered in dirt, and our smiles were genuine. So why can’t we do this with motherhood friends? Why do we strive for perfection when we have a perfect family all along? It is because we personally are out of focus on what is really important. Ask yourself where does your focus stand as a wife/mother?  I used to have this thought in my head that my family life had to be perfect and on point 24/7. I can’t count the number of times I didn’t let me oldest daughter go outside and play because I didn’t want her to get dirty. Oh I cringe, I really do.  Moms I encourage you to let go of the un-necessary control and live this life we are only given once! My life now, is like an in focused camera just like this picture on my family. This is us and I’ve never been more happy to be a mom.

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