The Coffee Cup

Last night, before leaving work, I neglected to rinse out my coffee cup. This morning, my lazy intention was met with a coffee ring that needed my attention. At the sink, I applied soap to my sponge, then used my right hand to wipe the ring. However, due to my hand position and the awkwardness of my wrist inside the cup, the ring remained stained until I repositioned the cup using my left hand to forcefully eliminate the stain.

This led me to ponder how stains will remain until we change up our habits and try new ways to approach situations. Grant it, this was only a coffee cup, but what about the way we methodically look at people, life, confrontation, habits? Until we step back and not use our dominant hand to approach our daily practices, then we can open our minds to take the higher road, or count to ten before our whistle blows.

It takes practice to learn change and our progress tomorrow will be determined how we practice self-discipline today. How many of us think it will be easier if we wait a few days instead of kicking our feet, as though on a swing to push our momentum upward and gain new heights.


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