Dear Mothers

To the ones who are smelling that newborn smell for the first time. To the ones who are feeling the kicking of baby feet from inside. To the ones who just told your significant other “I’m pregnant”. To the Mother who held her baby for the first time, but you couldn’t take them home. To the Mother who never heard the heartbeat. To the Mother who is visiting a tiny grave today, to the Mother who is visiting her Mother’s grave. To those who have adopted. To the Grandmother who adores raising her Grandchildren. To the Women who walk the path of infertility and disappointment waiting to be a Mother. To Mothers who have distance between you and the hug of your children. To Women who have taken on the title of step-mom, but love them as your own. To Women who are foster Moms, then have to let them go. To the Women who choose to love their fur babies. To the Women who are raising their Mothers. To the Women who love and nurture those around you and silently call them your own. To Mothers who are on their knees wondering where their children are.

Mother’s Day is a day to be celebrated, but there really is not any rules that extends to a theme or birthright. Perhaps, we overlook an important word and that is celebrate. We celebrate ourselves as Women and we get our rights for the term, “Mother” from Mother Nature herself. We instinctively have resilience, compassion, grace and understanding. We are courageous women.

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