Teacher Gift Card Ideas

Growing up in the world of education, I can tell you first hand teachers do not get told thank you enough. It takes a remarkable kind of person to be a teacher, because I pray at least 5 times a day for guidance on my only 3 year old, I bow down to the brave soul who can handle 10 of them. So this year I did my homework, because I really don’t want to be that parent who gives the teacher her 20th mug of the day. So asked those close to me who were teachers/educators what we all want to know: What would you enjoy from students as an end of the year thank you?

Blog detour real quick, how awesome are some of my friends? Morgan, who is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper (love MJ by the way!), created this amazing idea with a beach towel.

My very crafty friend Tracie (Who by the way you all get to meet very soon. I am so excited for that upcoming segment!) said her daughter, who has an entire teacher appreciation week (something I get to enjoy next year), started the first day off with “Bring The Teacher A Piece Of Fruit.” Love what she did! I created a different pineapple themed tag free to print and you can find that here: PinappleGiftTag.pdf

Alright, jumping back to my poll, the winning majority answer? Gift Cards: “As a teacher I love anything those kids give me, I really do, but since you are asking I love gift cards. I know it’s not hand-made, it’s not something you have to think of, but I do love Starbucks or a good coffee shop.”  I did some “thinking chair” sessions and came up with several ideas on some super easy, yet ‘heart felt’ gift card theme ideas, because let’s be honest, those teachers worked hard this year.


I have a pretty big devotion to Target and I find this card to be the most versatile. Teachers need supplies for the following year, they are human and need groceries, or maybe they just want that cute sundress. Either way, this is a sure “bullseye” to be an appreciated gift. You can find this printable here: TargetGiftTag.pdf

This subject is my favorite. It could be my love (or problem) for sprinkled donuts, but you can get creative with this one. You could attach this to a box of donuts if you didn’t want to give them a gift card, or you can grab a small donut box and put this inside with the gift card. There are some great shops out there: Dunkin Donuts, Da Vinci’s in Atlanta, VooDoo Donuts in Oregon, Krispy Kreme, District Doughnut and Coffee. All of these printables are postcard size. You can find this printable here: thankyou.pdf


This next little goodie, I have to make sure I give a shout out to my Mom as this was her idea being in charge of technology at the high school. I think this is one “apple” product a teacher could actually enjoy! They can use these Itunes cards to download songs, order books, apps for learning, etc. You can find this printable tag here: Couldnt-have-picked-a-better-teacher-this-year..pdf


This next one is probably a teacher favorite and I don’t know a single educator who wouldn’t treasure a gift card to their beloved coffee shop. And while I enjoy Starbucks, there really are some fascinating coffee houses out there. Some ideas would be Caribou Coffee, The Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans, Peets Coffee, and Port City Java. To make this more personal, ask for a cup and have the barista write the teachers name on it. You can find this printable tag here: ThanksALatte.pdf


The final idea I’m going to share with you could be taken in two different directions. The first way, is to grab a popcorn container (one from the movie theatre), fill it with tissue paper and put an AMC gift card inside of it. Another approach is to grab a red box gift card and place it inside the popcorn container. We can really dive in and you could purchase a mold off of Amazon to create a chocolate Oscar for your teacher! You can find this printable here: Thank-you-for-an-Oscar-worthy-year.pdf


If you enjoyed, be sure to share!