May Day

May Day signals the onset of spring for those who adhere to its tradition. May Day occurs every year on May 1st. There are several traditions, but the most celebrated marking the return of spring, is to leave a basket of flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep or a doorknob.

What is interesting about May Day is the origin of the word comes from the French word, “M’aider” which means, ‘help me’. I am sure you have heard this distress call used in a movie, “May Day, May Day”.

May 1st and the cry for help, “May Day”, while both by association are in name only, if you look closer, you can see how they relate to each other. Each day, we go about with our hustle and bustle of life, not noticing the silent cries from neighbors fighting their own battles. Their silent cries for “May Day, May Day” are gone unnoticed.

Flowers signals our brain to create a happy place. When we see flowers, studies have shown that our brains produce happiness hormones which feed our souls. Flowers have an abundance of varieties, colors and their bouquet of fragrance fills a room with a ‘pick-me-up’ aroma and lifts our spirits.

We all love the surprise of finding flowers on the counter – or better yet, that bouquet of dandelion ‘flowers’ wrapped with a ribbon that a little one has place beside your bed. Flowers feed the soul so on May 1st, while we are celebrating spring, let us try to remember that every day is a holiday to share a bouquet of happiness.

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