Adventure Is Out There

As the last day of school approaches, Moms Insanity Summer kicks in.  I mean just the thought of the word, ‘summer’ bring visions of lathering up with suntan oil, an ice tea in one hand with the latest Jami Amerine book in the other. Just like fingernails on the chalkboard, you snap out of it and… Read More Adventure Is Out There


Dear Mothers

To the ones who are smelling that newborn smell for the first time. To the ones who are feeling the kicking of baby feet from inside. To the ones who just told your significant other “I’m pregnant”. To the Mother who held her baby for the first time, but you couldn’t take them home. To… Read More Dear Mothers


The Great Citation

If there is one past time I miss, it’s saddling up my adopted horse, Sweetie, and riding through the farmland of Missouri. My love for horses was passed down to me from my Father, who during my childhood, sold insurance as he also pursued his masters of education. Through this occupation, my father met one… Read More The Great Citation


May Day

May Day signals the onset of spring for those who adhere to its tradition. May Day occurs every year on May 1st. There are several traditions, but the most celebrated marking the return of spring, is to leave a basket of flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep or a doorknob. What is interesting about May Day… Read More May Day