Little Tea Pots

Ever wonder about the physics behind the teapot whistle? No one really thinks about it, and yet, when the sound starts to pitch, you run as fast as possible to the stove to quiet the pierce to your ears. The science behind the whistle is when bubbles collapse at the speed of sound, it produces a loud noise.


I think the word that ties together Motherhood and teapots is ‘collapse’. As Mothers, we multitask to the point of ‘collapse’ trying to get done all that is expected of us, and yet, what really is that goal? Some of us put upon ourselves unrealistic goals, such as having the house spotless by the time our partner comes home or put together a 5-course meal in order to raise healthy children. Possibly, you are gifted and you have a higher level of the tipping point.


Then it happens: one of the children wake up sick when you were supposed to bring cookies to the PTO meeting and tonight your partner invited the boss home for dinner. “No problem”, you said. Now, the heart pumps faster and the stress starts to increase. Even the teapot can whistle for so long, then the top blows off. We all have it – that tipping point when the balance becomes uneven.  Struggling to keep it all together, we are sometimes seen as being stressed out, irritating Mothers who need to keep it all together.


The truth is we all need to let off steam, like the teapot. Give yourself permission to take yourself from the stove and seep in some ME time. The laundry can wait and paper plates will do just fine for dinner. Ask yourself: “what will really matter five years from now?” Extra smiles from a park visit-yes! The sweet smell from a baby’s bath time and that first splash and giggle – yes! The excitement of watching your daughter fly her first kite – yes!


We can learn something from the teapot:


T-asks will always be there, precious moments will not

E-mbrace each moment

A-lways listen, never judge

P-eople are important, not things  

O-kay to build in downtime and give yourself a ‘time out’

T-here will be a tomorrow and you will be more apt to tackle those tasks and avoid breaking any bubbles!

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